4 Reasons You Should Live Like a Mermaid!

Monday, July 06, 2015

Not feeling your best self? It could be time to recharge the Mermaid way! Mermaiding, (living the lifestyle of a Mermaid) can be so good for you in so many ways! From naturally boosting your mood, to giving your hair, skin and nails a natural healthy glow, to getting that no fuss, sexy beach hair we all dream of.  When you feel your best, you wake up feeling and looking beautiful, from the inside out! Find out how the girls at Cacao Bikini stay feeling fresh and naturally radiant by living the Mermaid Life!

1. The SALTY Ocean Naturally Repairs & Rejuvenates your Hair, Skin, Nails & Cuticles.

Want that bouncy, sexy surfer girl beach hair, full of body and weightlessness? Do as the mermaids do and jump into the sea and GET SALTY! Yes, it’s that simple, Sea Salt is naturally full of rich minerals and healing properties! Suffering from skin conditions? Sea Salt can also help conditions like eczema & acne by giving your pores a deep clean and promoting cellular regeneration.

2. SAND is a Great Natural Exfoliate and Body Scrub!

Want silky smooth skin? Exfoliating keeps our skin soft, cleans our pores and slows the ageing process so you stay looking youthful for longer and helps keep acne under control. The loose particles are perfect for removing dead skin cells, which over time, build up and can create discolouration and dull looking skin, regular exfoliation will help to prevent this. Take care on sensitive and delicate areas like your face, in these areas use less sand and don’t rub too hard. We recommend using an organic, cold-pressed coconut oil on your skin afterwards to keep your skin looking and feeling fresh and hydrated for longer.

3. Spending Time at the BEACH can Re-Energise you & Improve your Health!

Re-energise by reconnecting to the earth and its natural energy! Jump into the ocean, go for a swim or a surf, walk barefoot in the sand and take deep breaths of fresh sea air into your lungs!

By ‘grounding’ ourselves and reconnecting with the earth beneath your feet you can improve your health! This concept is otherwise known as ‘earthing’ as explained by Martin Zucker in his book “Earthing: The most important health discovery ever?”. How does it work? This process generates a powerful and positive shift in the electrical state of the body and the electro dynamics of blood & restores natural self-healing and self-regulating mechanisms by drawing upon the earth’s natural energy.

Suffering from muscle pain after those squats or massive surf sesh? This method has also been used by athletes for muscle recovery and to heal injuries, so surfer girls next time you go for a surf, take a bit of extra time to walk in the sand bare foot & soak up all that good energy from mother earth.

4. SUNSHINE Exposure Helps to Maintain a Good Level of Vitamin D!

Sexy, sun-kissed skin is not the only benefit you can get from sun exposure, it is also an excellent source of Vitamin D & for girls especially, Vitamin D is essential for maintaining good health. Studies have shown that Vitamin D absorption is a key factor in reducing breast cancer and also other types of cancers in women. It is also good for maintaining good teeth and bone health as well as aiding in good immune system support. However, as the saying goes, ‘everything in moderation’, this definitely applies here, so make sure you apply a good organic sun cream to guard against skin cancer, sunburn, skin ageing and sun allergies and try to avoid sun exposure during peak UV ray times, like midday.


By hitting the beach more often and adopting the Mermaid Lifestyle into your own lifestyle, you too can feel more happy, healthy and effortlessly beautiful! When you feel your best, you wake up feeling and looking beautiful, from the inside out!

Channel your inner Mermaid, think happy thoughts, take deep breaths, be positive, exercise, drink plenty of water, hit the beach, get salty, get sandy, get outside, get some sun and #LOVELIFEINCACAO!

***DISCLAIMER: This blog is for general information purposes only and information provided is merely a suggestion and in no way meant as medical advice.  While Cacao Bikini strives to provide up to date and accurate information at the time of publication, we do not give any assurance or warranty as to its accuracy.  Each person is different and therefore you should consider whether the advice given is right for you personally,  If you are unsure, you consult your medical or health care professional.  Act on this advice only after considering whether it is right for you and your unique situation, It is up to the individual user to take the necessary precautions and Cacao Bikini in no way will be liable for damages or harm arising from the use of any information in this blog. 


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

HELLO SPRING and HELLO BIKINI WEATHER! There is a certain vibe in the air that comes with the change of seasons and those of us who live the bikini life know exactly what’s in store for the summer!  Pool parties, music festivals, beach days, surfing, swimming, tanning, road trips, discovering new beaches & surf spots, beach parties, summer romances and vacations to exotic islands … the list is endless and we are getting too excited!  It’s time to get bikini ready! So where do you start? Frills, no frills, tie up sides, hipster bikini, low cut, high cut, scrunch bottom, cheeky bottoms, Brazilian bottoms… don’t be overwhelmed, we are going to give you some quick tips to help you choose the perfect bikini for your body shape this summer!

1. Know your body shape

2. Choose a bikini style & colour that best flatters your body shape


Small top / Big bottom

GOAL: You want to make your bum look smaller so it’s more in proportion with your top half.

Bikini Bottom Style: Brazilian or Cheeky Bottom bikini with thin string over hips, with high cut, generally less coverage all over because LESS MATERIAL MAKES THINGS LOOK SMALLER! This will create the illusion of longer, slimmer, sexy legs. Opt for darker colour bikini bottoms to draw less attention.

CACAO BIKINI STYLE: Nalu Cheeky Bottoms & Island Escape Cheeky Bottoms in Pistachio or Black

*Pair with a light or bright coloured bandeau top or balconette style swim top like the Ocean Girl Swim Top by Cacao Bikini, for a wider looking top half that is more in proportion with your bottom half. To enhance your bust wear a top with frills top like the Ariel Swim Top.

Celebrity Pears – Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, JLo, Shakira


Larger bust, broader shoulders with narrow hips & less defined waist.

GOAL: You want to make your hips look bigger to balance out your larger top half and achieve that sexy hour glass look!

Bikini Bottom Style: Tie side with bows, ruffles or thick belt bottoms will all help to increase the appearance of your hips and balance out your bigger top half.  Choose a Brazilian or Cheeky Bottom bikinis to avoid saggy bum look.  Opt for light or bright colour bikini bottoms to draw the focus towards your bottom half. 

CACAO BIKINI STYLE: Brazen Cheeky Bottoms & Island Escape Cheeky Bottoms in Mango Yellow or Watermelon.

*For broad shoulders, pair with a bra style swim top like the Ocean Girl Swim Top or triangle top like the Ariel Swim Top in a darker coloured, supported bra bikini or triangle top.

Celebrity Apples – Angelina Jolie, Tyra Banks, Catherine Zita-Jones


Bust & Hips nearly the same size, with a well defined waist, 9 inches or smaller than bust, curvy with full bust and shapely legs.

GOAL: To show off your sexy curves

Bikini Bottom Style: Similar to Pear shaped body types, Opt for a string bikini with knot ties rather than bulky bows, with little coverage, Brazilian or cheeky bottom bikinis, because less material makes your butt look smaller!

CACAO BIKINI STYLE: Nalu Cheeky Bottoms & Island Escape Cheeky Bottoms

*Pair with supported underwire bra like the Ocean Girl Swim Top
 or triangle swim top or bralette (coming soon to Cacao Bikini).

Celebrity hour glasses – Scarlett Johanson, Mariah Carey,


Small bust, narrow hips, undefined waist.

GOAL: You want to create the illusion of more curves.

Bikini Bottom Style: Tie up bikini bottoms with a bow, thick waist band bikini bottoms to create the illusion of sexy curvy hips.

CACAO BIKINI STYLE: Brazen Cheeky Bottoms
Nalu Cheeky Bottoms
& Island Escape Cheeky Bottoms

Celebrity Athletic shapes: Stephanie Gilmore, Sally Fitzgibbon, Alana Blanchard, Cameron Diaz, Gwen Stefani

See our quick reference guide below for how to bikini shop for specific body shape issues:

  • Long in the body: You want to attract the attention to your hips and breasts with a loud bikini, do this with large prints and thick waist bands. see Brazen Cheeky Bottoms
  • Short in the body: Low rise & Cheeky cut bikinis with small prints. See Cacao Bikini Cheeky Bottom Bikini range
  • Short legs: High cut, cheeky bikini bottoms to elongate your legs – see Cacao Bikini Cheeky Bottom Bikini range
  • Small Bust: Frills and bandeau styles – see Ariel Swim Top
  • Big Busts: Supported bras, thick neck straps and or underwires – see Ocean Girl Swim Top 
  • Broad Shoulders: Bra style wide straps, halter-neck that breaks up neckline to define and balance out dimensions, tie side pants to balance out shoulders. see Ocean Girl Swim Top & Mamita Swim Top
  • Big stomach: High waisted or belted bottom styles – see Brazen Cheeky Bottoms
  • Big thighs: Stay away from frills and tie sides, wear cheeky bottoms to elongate legs - see Brazen Cheeky Bottoms or Nalu Cheeky Bottoms 
  • Big bums: High cut, Brazilian style, cheeky bottom bikinis - see Cacao Bikini Cheeky Bottom Bikini range

Once you know how to bikini shop for your body shape, choosing a style that’s right for you will be easy and you can feel confident and sexy on the beach!  

Please leave a comment below, we'd love to hear from you! 


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