Cacao Bikini represents the freedom that comes with living the beachgirl lifestyle, whatever you’re doing, do it in bikinis, CHEEKY cut bikinis! If you are lucky enough to live your life in a bikini, then you are lucky enough!

A Cacao Bikini is a bikini made for the free spirited woman. She is carefree and feels at home by the sea, consumed by wanderlust, she seeks that kind of bohemian lifestyle, pursues new adventures and travels to exotic islands, she is a dreamer, following wherever the sea breeze might take her. Her destiny is to be free and to …


Cacao Bikini is an Australian Designer Swimwear Label, based on the Gold Coast, that reflects the lifestyles of the freespirited beach babes who live the #MERMAIDLIFE. Cacao Bikini’s style is a fusion of practical fashion, fun and vibrant colours & patterns that can be mixed and matched… because every girl craves the spice of variety in her life! A Cacao Bikini is designed with the active beach babe in mind, it’s made for living in, whether you are surfing, skating, tanning or dancing under the sun at a music festival your Cacao Bikini is designed so that you always show your best self, it’s practical yet sexy, giving you the freedom to do the things that you LOVE doing, hence the hashtag #LOVELIFEINCACAO.

Why Cacao? With all the distractions of the modern world it can be hard to find yourself and live the free spirit lifestyle that you desire. Raw Cacao has been used in various rituals for thousands of years by ancient civilizations, including finding bliss, sun worship, mood enhancement and to unlock hidden desires and is still being used for similar purposes today. Cacao Bikini, through its design, cheeky cut & vibrant colours, aims to channel these energies of free spiritedness that are believed to be unlocked by Raw Cacao so that you can feel your best version of yourself in a Cacao Bikini!

Each style of bikini has its own personality and some styles are better for different body shapes, just like each girl has their own personality and different body shape. The key is illusion and making your bikini work for you, letting your natural beauty shine through. Cacao Bikini gives you freedom to be…

Jump into your Cacao Bikini and feel the magic and beauty of life and radiate good vibes to everyone around you. Anything is possible when you feel your best!